Posted on Aug 14, 2017
Program for August 14, 2017:  Jake Mueller and Muskie Football (WEAR Purple...please)
Invocation: Harvey Allbee
Happy News:  Guests today were Aracely Martinez, Samantha Ruiz, Becky Vargus and potential member Angie Johnson with Holly Thomas Koehler.  Erika announced that we are only $1500 away from having a bike for every member in the Buffalo Bike Intiative.  Remember to take your Selfie in front of the Rotary signs and return your questionnaire.  Craig Utley is happy to be celebrating his 24th wedding anniversary, Paul Fitzpatrick is happy that he can see colors, Mike Ruby senses new energy in the Muscatine Rotary Club and Judi Holdorf and her husband completed Beer to Border 5K race.
Message from the President:  Please remember to bring your Questionnaire...this week and those selfies in front of the Rotary School signs...send them to or 563-260-2752.
Program: Krista Regennitter with Iowa State Extension talked about the goals of Extension to create a Strong Iowa based on Education and Partnerships.  Areas that Extension works in in all 99 Counties are:  Ag and Natural Resources, Community and Economic Development, Human Sciences and 4-H Youth Development. Positive Youth Development includes developing competent, caring, capable, confident, connected and contributing youth through progressive learning experiences.  Krista talked about Ricochet and Juntos, two programs being implemented in the Muscatine Middle Schools.  Ricochet is looking for a couple volunteers to go into the classroom to implement the research based curriculum. Juntos is designed to engage families around education today and into the student's future. Junto is in year 3 of a 5 year project  with North Carolina, Oklahoma and Iowa.
John Kuhl announced that our meeting on August 28th will be at the site of the new library in downtown Muscatine!!  Erika asked members to share their Muskie Pride and wear a Purple Shirt next week!!
    Member Questionnaire             Name: _____________
Priority Areas
Club Culture: words to describe our Club culture
10 years ago
What it should be to thrive
Value Proposition:  things you say and would like to say about our club to recruit a new member (e.g., we do good things, interesting presentations, meet business and community leaders, socialize)
Things I say today….
Things I would like to be able to say…..
Club Impact:  past and future most impactful initiatives  
Impactful past initiatives
Future possible impactful initiatives
Willingness Survey
Y      N
I am willing to try a “rotating” noon meeting (e.g., MPW, Kent, FNB, etc. hosts the lunch meeting at their location) 
I am willing to host at my location: (Company name)
Y      N
I am willing to try a “service” themed meeting (e.g., 1-2 hour service project identified and members provide their “service” which might be physical service or visiting/mentoring/advising service. Spouse or family members could join you.)
Y      N
I am willing to try to “social” themed meeting (e.g., evening meeting at restaurant/bar focused on socializing and networking.)
I think this location would be a great place to hold a “social” meeting:
Y      N
I am willing to use my professional and personal network and connections to support club initiatives and priorities.
Y      N
Y      N
I am willing to support “membership drives” where a club event would have a big named speaker and we focus efforts on inviting many people to introduce them in a big way to the Rotary Club of Muscatine.
I could help secure a big named speaker for the Club.
Y      N
I am willing to grow my education about Rotary and making the Rotary Club of Muscatine be even more impactful by attending Rotary training.
1 = Not important to me                  2 = Neutral                 3 = Very important to me
 1    2   3   I would like the opportunity to connect with the experienced business and community leaders in the Club as it relates to my professional growth.
 1    2   3   I would like to participate in club activities that can help me develop skills that I can apply to my current, or future, job.
 1    2   3   I want the Club to publicly fundraise to help support initiatives the Club may undertake.
 1    2   3  
I want the Club to “do.”
 1    2   3  
I want to “do” for the Club.
1    2   3   I would like to do a humanitarian mission through Rotary, such as participate in a National Immunization Day administering polio vaccinations.