Our Meeting will be at Muscatine Community College at the Bob Roach Little Theatre in Strahan Hall.
Program for March 27, 2017:Mike Johannsen, Muscatine County Community Services
Invocation: John Kuhl
Guests today: Erika Battern, Cecilia Huesea guests of Naomi DeWinter, John Hendrickson guest of Chris Ingstad, Roger Lande guest of Sarah, Megan Francis and Stephanie Metnick, new members to be.
Happy News: Charla Schfer pleased for all the Muscatine Community Support at MCSA after the tornado. Karen Diercks happy that the family skiing trip was great with no one getting hurt.  Judi reminded us of Rotary Training on March 25th at DMACC and that we will induct Stephanie Metnick, Megan Francis and Ken Brooks on April 10th.
Program: Mark Post CEO of Carver Pump provided an informative program about the Roy J. Carver company started in Muscatine in 1938.  Pumps were first sold door to door to farmers. Then along came World War II and the Rock Island Arsenal got interested in the self priming fuel pump.  In the 60's and 70's Roy was occupied with the development of Bandag and paid little attention to Carver Pump.  In the 80"s Roy Jr. bought the company which today has 100 employees and makes centrifugal pumps.  Andy Carver is situated to take over.  Pumps today are made for the industrial and marine markets.  There are 10's of 1000's of pumps out there in the big world with the name Carver on them.  Carver Pump today makes about 100 pumps a month!! The culture of the company is based on working hard, smart and doing the right thing.