Our Meeting will be at Muscatine Community College at the Bob Roach Little Theatre in Strahan Hall.
Program for March 20, 2017: Mark Post, CEO Carver Pump
Invocation: Larry Hetzler
Guests today: Megan Francis guest of Caitlin Ryan and potential new membe, and Dave Utley guest of Scott Ingstad.
Happy News: Judi was glad for the front table sitters and read a note of thanks from the MCC Jazz Singers.  She also told us that we would relocate our Rotary Meetings for at least the next 3 weeks. Melanie Alexander is happy to tell that a new exhibit is opening at the Art Center in the Stanley Gallery with works from the permanent regionalist collection. Naomi De Winter is happy that the Muscatine Symphony Youth Concert was a fabulous event. Nathan Mather gave an update on the tornado damage. Mike Ruby gave an update on his Rotary activities. Paul Fitzpatrick is glad his wife is recuperating from surgery. Shane Orr is happy to have attended PETS training. Judi also mentioned that an Emergency Response Fund has been established at the Community Foundation in response to the tornado.
Program: Adam Thompson provided an informative program on the Muscatine Airport. Carver Aero is the fixed based operator which means the city has contracted wiith them to supply fuel, provide flight instruction and do general maintanence. There are 35 aircraft housed here with 18 on the waiting list. Recently the runways were reconstructed to the tune of $4.3 million dollars with 9)% coming from the FAA. The city subsidizes the airport annually from $25-30,000. 
The goal is to have the airport become self sustaining.  New hangers are being planned and another runway. We have one of the best airports around and we are working to drive more traffic here. The airport is vital to the industrial community in Muscatine. An aircraft from Moline could use our landing area when necessary.  There are 18 daily activities at the field currently.