Program for March 6, 2017: Jeff Kaufman and the Iowa Caucauses
Invocation:Eric Thomsen
Guests today: John Blunk, guest of Shane Orr;Roger Lande guest of Sarah Lande and Stephanie Metnick new member. Happy News: Judi Holdorf had a great vacation and she had a great time at the Waste Management Golf Tournament. Keith Porter is happy that Kelly Garvin is here today, that Judi Holdorf is back and that baseball season has begun! Jessica Wittman is happy to know who attends the Waste Management Golf Tournament. Ken Brooks is happy to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts. Sarah Lande is proud to be married to an Eagle Scout and she will be enjoying some sister and friend time in Sedona! Kevin Jenison is happy that the University of Illinois won on the road. Erika Cox is proud of her dancing daughter,a warm auditorium, great teacher and fantastic dancers and 2 top ratings this past weekend!! Naomi De Winter is inviting everyone to the next Legislative Session on Saturday at MCC.
Rotary News: Shane Orr presented the next Fundraiser in support of March Madness. Pay $10 and see what team you get!! Rick Gosney and Erika Cox were recognized for being members for the past 5 years!!
Program:  Dr. Ellen Kabat Lensch, Jeremy Pickard and Josh Duke presented an informative program on the Virtual Reality Academy at Eastern Iowa Community College.  EON has 19 sites throughout the United States.  Virtual and augmented reality as learning tools increase learning, show a higher level of knowledge transfer and higher levels of student engagement.  The Learning Lab is located in downtown Davenport. The 11 month program includes 4 months of classroom work and 7 months of project based learning.  There are 14 students in the class ranging from just completing  high school to an individual with a PhD.  Students are ages 19-56 and includes 4 females and 10 males.  Ellen invited us to the Grand Opening on April 11-12 where a cadre of EON Executives will be present to meet local educators, interested business partners and possible investors.