Program for January 30, 2017: Junior Achievement
Guests today: Ken Brooks, potential new member also present on January 9, Krista Regennitter, guest of Naomi De Winter, Dave Utley, guest of Tim Nelson and John Hendrickson, guest of Chris Ingstad. 
Rotary News: Judi noted that Todd Poci has resigned his membership. Todd was to be incoming President and also was in charge of invocations and programs.  Naomi De Winter is helping with invocations and Alan Ostergren is chairing programs. The board will discuss how to fill the vacancy on the board today at their meeting.  Paul Fitzpatrick, Melanie Alexander, Kevin Mathis, Claudio Vitalie, Bret Olson, Steve Weiskamp, Mike Hagerty , Mark Hansen, Jim Stein, Dennis Taylor and Bob DeKock all celebrate membership anniversaries in January!
Bobbi Holliday discussed the Super Bowl signup at $10 per square. Bring your money to help grow our scholarship fund!!
Happy News: Marv Krieger was proud of the Voice of Muscatine article about Harvey Allbee's father and the law firm. Larry Hetzler reminded us of the Eagle's and Ivories concerts and suppers this upcoming weekend. Mike Ruby had a great experience in San Diego with 530 other District Governors to be from around the world. Sarah Lande invited everyone to the Chinese Symphony on February 1, 2017. Tim Nelson was proud of the article in Muscatine the Magazine about the Krieger Family Automotive Business.
Program: Alan Ostergren gave an informative program on his experience at Guantanomo Bay Detention Center. Human rights groups, law schools, and various legal professionals are invited to watch the work of the Military Commission Process used to discern punishment for acts of evil, crimes of war rendered on the United States or various allies.  Al Nashiri's case was being analyzed while Alan was present. Al Nashiri has been there since 2007 and will remain there for several more years awaiting trial. The U.S.S Cole, and the U.S.S. Sullivan were attacked and the ships were badly harmed/destroyed by the war crime. Alan indicated  that Nashiri had been water boarded and been a part of a mock execution both of which are illegal today. Nashiri will likely receive the death sentence but in that act he will need an MRI, which is not available at the Detention Center. Alan explained the conundrum of legalize in getting that to happen!