Program for December 5, 2016:  MCC Singers at MCC!!
Invocation: Naomi De Winter
Happy News: Rich Dwyer announced that a donor is challenging the club to match his $1000 contribution to the Salvation Army and if matched the donor will contribute another $1000 to Polio Plus. Melanie Alexander reminded us that Sunday with Santa is coming. Sara Lande is proud of her granddaughter who is on the International Beach Frisbee team. Paul Fitzpatrick had a great Thanksgiving. John Kuhl, President of the Y Board is happy about the Y Expansion Project. Keith Porter's son Joe got engaged over the holiday! Caitlyn Ryan is happy she got to go to a Hawkeye game with her Dad and she has her Christmas tree up!!
Judi thanked and asked the club to thank Paul Fitzpatrick, Kim Warren, Mary Wildermuth and Chuck Moody for all their behind the scenes support of the club!!  There will not be Rotary on December 26!!
Program: Bret Olson shared an informative program update on the Y and the expansion project.  The new Y is now 25 years old and is in need of space for all the programs and participants. Bret showed drawings of the expansion spaces including the location of the one entrance, the Teen Center, Kids Adventure Center, the lighting and the family locker room area.
A donor will match $500,000 if the matches are concluded by the end of December 2016.  The Y has 9,400 members and has a 30 % penetration rate. Our Y is cheaper than any other comparably sized Y.