Program for October 10, 2016:  University of Iowa Stroke Program
Rotary News:  Guests today were Kelly Carlson, guest of Cath Hahn, and Jane Evans from the Burlington Club.
Happy News: Judi is happy that the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine has acquired the Community Foundation of Louisa County. She is also happy to share that over $48,000 was presented to 26 local organizations. Paul Fitzpatrick is happy to be in his home town of Pittsburg, Pa along with his family, he is joyful that his daughter had a good life and that the Pittsburg Steelers are showing their stuff!! Tim Nelson had a fun ride in an airplane with his son at the helm and he saw the Indianapolis Red Bull races. Jessica Wittman is happy that she was not beaten with a water bottle at the Iowa game. Melanie Alexander is happy to be away from the Art Center today as still much construction is going on.  Janet Morrow is happy that the Muskies won and Muscatine the Magazine's new issue is out and it has also won an award. Diana Broderson is happy that the Iowa City Mayor's  Drive was a success and she is hoping help is given to the Muscatine food pantry, as supplies are low.  Scott Ingstad is happy that Roy Carver Jr. and Candace Frost joined the MHS Hall of Honor.
Club Business: Volunteers are needed to help MHS students complete the FAFSA Application. We have several Community Service Opportunities: FAFSA, Paint at MCSA or contribute to supplies for MCSA painting. Painting will be done on October 15 and 16 in 2 hour sign up slots.  Erika Cox updated the club on the Outbound Student program and the Student Scholarship plans.  The Scholarship Committee will meet after the regular meeting next week. There will be a Board Meeting on October 24, 2016.
Program: Lisa D'Aunno from the University of Iowa presented a program on cultural competence. She was also happy to note that the University has a $3 million grant to improve water sustainability around the world.  She noted that we all have a culture.  We can be different races with different backgrounds and that means history to history also. We need cultural humility ... this means we listen to learn about others. She used  the # 9 which depending upon how it is viewed can also be#6.  We need to listen to one another to understand one another culturally.