Program for September 12, 2016:  College Aid
Invocation: Paul Fitzpatrick
Club News and Happy News:  Trisha Smith guest of Cristian Lopez and C.J. Ryan guest of Caitlyn Ryan. Our club was very happy! Diana Broderson grateful for the successful Job Fair. Steve Kundel was happy that his band played at Ardon Creek. Melanie Alexander is happy that work at the Art Center is progressing and that her kindergartener is happy. She is also happy that a donor is matching donations up to $100,000 through October 24!! Sal Lo Bianco is happy about Customer Appreciation Day as is Erika Cox! Charla Schafer is happy that Annie Sloan picked MCSA for a makeover.. one of 25 in the world. Mary Odell is happy that Lake Delhi is back from the flood 6 years ago. Paul Fitzpatrick is celebrating better health and Caitlyn Ryan is  working on several contests for Alzheimer's awareness!! Todd Poci is grateful that the neighbor's gasline got shut off by the Fire Department!!
Keith Porter led us in a networking activity that paired us up to talk to one another about our first job, our great advice and what we enjoy about Rotary!!
Judi noted the minutes from the last board meeting on the back of the bulletin.  Judi asked committee members to email their committee chair to share email addresses and get committee work begun!!
Don Timmermann and Charla Schafer were inducted as members. Don was sponsored by Mike Ruby and Charla by Mary Wildermuth.
Caitlyn Ryan, Don Timmermann and Charla Schafer each shared introductory information about themselves with the club!!