Program for August 15, 2016:  Darin Person VA Suicide Prevention Program
Invocation: Dr. Naomi DeWinter
Club News and Happy News:  Pam Collins is back!! Paul Seelau was visiting from North Scott and he is also the District Chair for Interact.  Paul Seelau suggests recruiting RYLA students to help reinvigorate Interact. Janet Morrow was happy that 19,500 cyclists dipped their tires for RAGBRAI. Erika Cox is happy to jump...skydiving in Geneseo.  Paul Seelau is happy to be here from North Scott.  Shane was pleased to report $103 was collected for Share a Smile!!
Rotary Anniversaries:  Andrew Anderson, Naomi DeWinter, Megan Johnson, and Holly Thomas Koehler 1 year !! Greg Jenkins, 3 Keith Porter, 9, Diana Gradert, 12 Larry Hetzler, 32 and a special recognition to Dick Stanley for 50 years.. and indeed a great example of "Rotary Serving Humanity"!
Program:  Dr. Greg Baldi from Western Illinois University presented a program on the changes in the EU with the referendum on June 23, 2016 by the British voters to leave the Union. The EU is an economic and political union of 28 countries with a common currency within 19 countries who use the Euro. The EU came into existence in the1950's with 1973 being the joining date for the United Kingdom.   David Cameron, the Prime Minister puts the EU vote to a referendum due to issues such as immigration, jobs, fiscal effects, security, sovereignty and the refugee crisis.  Since the vote, Cameron has resigned and Theresa May has become the Prime Minister. United Kingdom's relationship with Europe has changed, as well as, potentially global trade agreements. Issues present are other countries leaving and for us in the United States.  Collaboration vs. self interest?