Program for July 25, 2016:  Ben Nietzel, Principal St Mary's School
Invocation:  Melanie Alexander
Club News and Happy News: Donovan DiLorenz guest of Shane Orr, Guests of Mike McGrory and Jerry Riibe were Tom Anderson, Becky Wichers, Jamie Caffrey and Mary Beilke.  Scott Ingstad is a grandpa again to  Laurel Jean, Diana Gradert reminded us of the County Arts Council fundraiser at Ardon Creek on Friday night featuring Ernie Peniston, Janet Morrow is glad RAGBRAI is almost here and is still needing volunteers.  Signup is at and Keith Porter is happy that his daughter and husband have purchased a house!!
Judi reminded us that our year's theme is Rotary Serving Humanity.  Shane Orr showed a sample of the Drive Safely signs that will be place at the school entrances. The signs sport a Rotary emblem along with the message.  There will also be a Rotary Board Meeting today!
Program: Todd Poci introduced the speaker Laura Adams who discussed the production of "Letters Home to Hero Street." Laura is with WQPT TV.  The film tells the story of the families of the 8 soldiers who lived on Hero Street USA in Silvis, Illinois and fought in several wars, all being from the same families, town and street. Hero Street has the most war casualties of soldiers all living on the same street. The families lived in boxcars since they had generally worked on the railroad.  Laura described the production of the short 28 minute film, which was nominated for an Emmy.  She also mentioned the website which has lesson plans, and video clips for use by teachers!!