Program for April 18, 2016: Rotary India WaTer Project-Dr. Manasi Nadkarni
Invocation: Paul Fitzpatrick
Club News and Happy News: Guests were: Roger Lande. Mike Ruby updated us on the Ponzeti Project Ball Drop.  Kim Warren's name was read a second time for potential new member. Mary reminded those reading for scholarship recipients to pick up their packets. We will have the scholarship luncheon on May 9th. Chris Steinbach was happy about the Domestic Violence Shelter fundraiser. Janet Morrow is happy her son turned 14 and that the new Muscatine the Magazine is out!! Keith Porter is very happy that the baseball season has arrived. Caitlyn Ryan invited everyone to a pancake breakfast at Sunnybrook on April 18 from 7-9 am.
Program: Mayor of Cedar Rapids Ron Corbett and friend Andy Anderson presented the program on Engage Iowa. Considering the political environment today and the pros and cons of an issue being discussed on social media often before the idea can be fully unveiled has led Ron to create Engage Iowa a non profit ThinkTank. Today Ron spoke about Iowa's income tax system.  His group thinks a redo is appropriate. Our current system is not fair, competitive or simple. Someone being taxed on a million dollar income pays a lower rate than someone making $40,000 .  Our system is not as competitive as 46 other states and add to that that we have lost population in 71 Iowa counties.  When asked a tax attorney in the meeting concurred that our system is not simple!!  Ron suggests a flat tax might be the answer since all would be taxed at 2.58-3%.  He also discussed the importance of improving our waterways in the state.  Reducing nitrates is optional on farmland waterways and for the health of the state it appears it should be mandatory. In considering changes Ron suggested we think like the Native Americans who looked at ideas 7 generations out and how a decision would impact them!!