Program for March 28, 2016: Iowa National Guard
Invocation: Shane Orr
Rotary Update: We are looking for a new Treasurer for our club and also a new Director for the Board. If you are interested see a Board Member. We are also looking for a New Committee Chair for the 3.0 Senior Luncheon. Potential new member Caitlyn Ryan was in attendance
Club News and Happy News:  Past President Don Holt passed away this weekend. Marv Krieger and Jim Stein were cheering on Iowa State.  Hilary Tanner and Judi Holdorf were still cheering on UNI!!
Program: Jim Hayes, CEO and President of Trinity Muscatine was introduced by Holly Thomas Koehler.  Jim told us we would learn a lot about local health care just by visiting the Emergency Room for a day. The hospital's total revenue last year was $129 million with a net revenue of $46 million. For every $1 earned in revenue 65 cents leaves and goes out the window.  Salaries for 2015 were $15 million with 5.5 million going to physicians.  There are 281 FTE's. The Affordable Care Act is the process of transitioning from service to value based service or pay for outcomes.  Jim asked us not to ignore the surveys being administered while at the hospital. Survey results yield revenue!!  The Medicaid debate is still unsettled with an April 1 deadline looming.  Iowa has had a 3% administration rate while the new system is trying to deliver at 10%. It does not seem like Iowa' s system will be improved since we are already lower than most states.  In Muscatine our charity is at $1 million.  The new Medicaid system will be putting a for profit entity between the doctor and the hospital which seems like it will mean a revenue loss for everyone.  Jim encouraged Medicaid recipients to see a counselor at Trinity Muscatine to answer questions!!