Program for January 18, 2016: Washington School Study - Dr. Jerry Riibe
Invocation: Diana Broderson
Guests today were: Barb Davis potential member with the speaker, Steve Graham, potential new member from HyVee, transferring Rotarian Jeremy Reynolds as a guest of Rick Gosney from  CBI. 
Reminders of the Board Meeting today and the upcomingTrivia Night on January 31, 2016 at the Rendezvous.  Mary also recognized the Rotarians who had joined in January and their years of membership.  These included: Melanie Alexander, Chris Steinbach, Carlin Lawhead 32 years, Jim Stein 33 years, Mike Hagerty, John Kuhl and Mary Wildermuth.
Program: Pam Collins introduced Mary Macumber-Schmidt the President of Family Resources and a Davenport Club Rotarian.  Mary gave an update on Family Resources programs and program specific data about clients served in Muscatine County.  Family Resources has been serving Muscatine since 1969.  Barb Davis and Diana Gradert both serve on the board and or a committee for Family Resources. 30 staff serve the Muscatine area.  Programs serving Muscatine are:  Iowa Aftercare, In Home Family Services, Iowa Kidsnet, Mental Health Services, Integrated Health Home Services and Safepath Survivor Resources.  A recent endeavor is to engage community resources in partnership to commit to serving children until they are 18 years of age regardless of the past silos and or specific funding sources.  This service is currently being piloted in Davenport and will be expanded to Muscatine in the future.