Program for January 11, 2016: Family Resources President
Invocation: Mike Frye
Rotary News: Barb and Brock Davis were guests of Pam Collins.  Shane and Jess reminded us of the Rotary Trivia Night on January 31, 2016 at the Rendezvous.  Now is the time to get your team together!
Program: Tulio Goncalves was introduced by Jim Nepple. Curtis Crosier was present also as the accountant for 2Dream Corporation.  Tulio came to the United States from Brazil as a consultant for HNI.  Today Tulio is working on setting up his second video company in Muscatine.  Since 2006 Tulio has developed software for video games.  He is now branching into his second company focusing on 2Dgames such as Angry Bird. His first company WaterMelon Co. established relationships with Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo. The goal of the new company is to eventually have 20 employees and publish at least 1 game per year. The video game industry is a $9Billion a year industry.  Currently 3 persons are part of 2Dream's Team and there are 2 main company divisions one being Game Development and the other Publishing.  Skills needed by employees creating games are programming and creativity but not necessarily both sets of skills in one person.