Program for August 17, 2015: Fantasy Football with Dr. Jeffrey Ohlmann
Invocation: Jim Stein
Rotary News:  Second reading for Megan Johnson as a new member sponsored by Janet Morrow and the first reading for Andrew Anderson , sponsored by Pam CollinsMary Odell is sponsoring Holly Kohler Thomas also.  Welcome to our club!!  Mary reminded us to bring school supplies and or if interested write a check to the Muscatine Rotary Club or the Community Foundation for said supplies.  There will be a Rotary Board meeting today after the meeting.  Run Boy Run at Ardon Creek on August 28, 2015 will be our next Rotary social event.  Please sign up!! Mary also read from Roses and Thistles in the Des Moines Register a tribute to Rotary for the continued progress in ridding the world of polio, specifically Nigeria!!
Mary also told us of Jeannie Stanley's death last week.  A memorial service is being planned for September 26.  Persons interested in making memorial contributions to Rotary can make checks out to our club or Rotary International.
Happy News: Marv Krieger says living longer is not being a highpowered CEO but being the washrag man!! Melanie Alexander invited us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Art Center this Sunday from 2-4. There will also be banners downtown to commemorate the event.  Keith Porter is proud of the Cubs!! Pam Collins proudly watched her son participate in the Milwaukee National Triatholon! Rich Dwyer's son visited NorthWestern last week and went to the Rotary International headquarters and saw his exchange brother in the video being shown!! Cristian Lopez celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Salvation Army in London and came home glad to be an American!!
Program: Bob Howard provided an informative program on the branding and name changes of Central State Bank,  The process of change is happening and CBI is the new name.  It characterizes the customers, companies, and communities that the Bank serves. The bank has been in existence since the mid 1800's with various names:  Isett and Brewster Private Bank, 1865- Merchant Exchange Bank with a state charter, National charter of Merchant National Exchange Bank, 1880- Muscatine Savings Bank, 1886 1st National ank of Muscatine, 1907 Muscatine Savings and First Trust and Savings of Muscatine. In 1933 the current Central State Bank name was begun and continued through 2015.  It is important for the bank to have an identity in many markets and not be confused with other banks using a similar name.  CBI is the one and only and the trademark logo will be established and protected from others using it.  Bob is proud of the changes, even though it has been and continues to be a lot of work.  The Bank's motto is to Aim High and Bank Strong.  Bob shared his passion and gave each Rotarian a special CBI golf ball!!  Thanks!! Bob.