Program for July 27, 2015: District Governor, Loring Miller
Invocation: Bob Allbee
Rotary News:  Cath Hahn is looking for someone to take the RYLA Students to Grinnell. Shane Orr reminded us of the July and August Service Project of bringing school supplies to the meeting.  Interested persons are invited to Contrary Brewery, this Thursday, July 23 after 5:00 PM for a Rotary Social time.  Guests today were: Shelley VanWinkle, potential new members Holly Thomas Koehler and Megan Johnson.  Mary recognized the July Rotary Anniversary dates of members including Harvey Allbee, John Kuhl and several others!!
Happy News: Ron Yohe is happy to be involved in fun weddings this summer of children he baptized!!  Judi Holdorf enjoyed the Holdorf Family Reunion...they raised $4000 for the Honor Flight!!  Mike Ruby is proud of the Ragbrai participants including Chris Steinbach, Janet Morrow, Jim Nepple,and Steve Kundel and Cath Hahn for helping with RYLA. Marv Krieger is a proud Great Grandpa to Maddox, Rich Dwyer is happy his son is on Ragbrai. Nathan Mather is happy his kids are at Kids Camp this week with the grandparents... he and Jill are hoping to get a lot of home projects completed!!
Program: Jim VanWinkle provided an informative and thought provoking program on the use of Drones and Autonomous Vehicles that will be used in the Agricultural Area.  Drones are helicopters or winged vehicles that provide a service to the farmer in the field.  This is a growing area that is projected to provide many jobs in the future.  Drones and autonomous vehicles will enable the farmer to use technology in the field without human interaction. Precision agriculture will benefit because of the preciseness of the location of the insecticide or seeds to be planted.  A growing field with much potential.  Jim showed several diagrams of potential drones or autonomous vehicles and how they might be used.