Program for March 23, 2015: Randy Hill with an Update on City Projects
Invocation: Gregs Thomopulos
Rotary News: Potential New Member, Hillary Tanner, and the  First Reading for Nick Cusick. Mary Odell was happy that she and Judi Holdorf could attend PETS in Rochester. She also asked for volunteers to work on a committee to select a food provider for our meetings and she asked all Past Rotary Presidents to stand up.  The Rotary theme for next year is "Be A Gift to the World" for which she recognized past presidents and their commitment and gift!!  Keith Porter was looking for more Evening Rotary Meeting Sponsors for July on. The meetings have been on the 3rd Thursday evening and are intended to provide fellowship, showcase a business and be an opportunity for members who cannot attend on Monday at noon to participate!!  See Keith or Shane Orr for more information.
Marv Krieger, Dick Stanley, Larry Hetzler, Harvey Allbee, Carlin Lawhead,Scott Natvig and Gene Mathern and David Stanley were all celebrating the rankings of Iowa State, Iowa and UNI in the March Madness excitement!! David Stanley was also grateful for the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra!! Pam Collins was sharing the upcoming Jim Gill Concert at the Library. Keith Porter presented a $50 check to the Community Foundation in celebration of his 50th Birthday. Gene Mathern celebrated Iowa State's status in March Madness by his 32 years of employment with Iowa State University.  Chris Steinbach is pleased that MCSA is a part of the program on the Homeless today and that there are now 23 persons on the MCSA Ragbrai Team.  Help is needed to find sleeping quarters in Storm Lake, Eldora and Cedar Falls. Mary Wildermuth was pleased to bring greetings from Jack May who joined our club in 1977 and is active today in California. Judi Holdorf is pleased that she and Mary Odell could attend PETS training in Rochester this past weekend. Both Judi and Mary said it was a super meeting. Sarah Lande is happy her granddaughter could play on the Iowa team in Dubei and be selected for the Spirit Award. She also was proud of Muscatine's representation at the National Geographic Geotourism Workshop last week regarding Tourism along the Mississippi River. Representatives were Sarah, Melanie Alexander, Nick Cusick, Terry Eagle and Mary Wildermuth.
Program: Melanie Alexander introduced artist and photographer Pam Houser who presented an informative program on Homeless in America.  Her photos are on exhibit at the Muscatine Art Center. The name of the exhibit depicts the homeless as "Someone's Famiy." Pam Houser is in her second career. She was a band director and taught Jeff Heid and Michelle Bovenkamp.  Pam showed her first photo and talked about photographers who had inspired her.  The "Someone's Family" Exhibit depicts the struggle for the homeless across the United States. Pam requests that we talk to the homeless, and treat them with respect. She has found them to be lovely people!! Her hope for the exhibit is to impact our attitude regarding the homeless.