Program for February 23, 2015: Students Share Their 2014 Trip to China!
Invocation: Sal LoBianco
Rotary Update: Guests today were Taylor Garvin, Amber Wood and Carissa Doyle. Amber is a Rotarian from Clinton.  Ron Yohe celebrated his 50th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend. Mike Ruby successfully returned from his Rotary Ski Trip!!  Kudos to Mike, as he will become District Governor in 2017-2018. Harvey Allbee is proud of the Muskie Swim Team and Judd Anderson's entrance into the Hall of Fame!! Harvey also extended sincere congratulations to Mike for representing us in District 6000!!
Tony reminded us of the need for help with the 3.0 Senior Luncheon and Scholarship Committee. Thank you Bob Jensen, Bob Allbee and Todd Poci for joining the committee!! Bob Allbee gave the details for the Madrigal Dinner on March 5, 2015.  This is our guest night. Sign up today or next week!
Program: Tony Joseph gave an informative program on Joseph International Pack and Ship. The company was started in 1996. Tony had gained experience in Canada and Chicago prior to returning to Muscatine to begin the company out of his parents home.  The firm is a travel agent for freight throughout the world via truck, train, ship or air. Containers for freight are standardized in 20 and 40 ft.
RORO service is for vehicles that roll on and then roll off vessels.  The world of trucking has slowed some since it now takes about 10days to get something into the truck delivery pipeline.  Major events detour freight movement such as earthquakes, hurricanes, civil commotion and security issues.  The way to insure that your freight is covered in case of loss is to purchase insurance which will pay in case of a problem.