Program for February 16, 2015: Heart Health with Dr. Wallner
Invocation: Rich Dwyer
Rotary Update: Dick Stanley thinks Paul Fitzpatrick is immediately worthy of membership because he wasn't stumped at all on the "fun quiz" today!! Karen Diercks is happy that her granddaughter was in the Central Middle School Musical this past weekend. David Stanley is happy that Jeannie is home from the hospital and doing much better. Rich Dwyer is proud of his niece who hit a homeroom in her first game playing for the University of Minnesota Softball team this past weekend!! Cristian Lopez presented the club with a plaque for involvement and contributions to the Red Kettle CampaignTony reminded us of the March 5th guest night at MCC for the Madrigal.  Still need someone to volunteer to collect money!! Also need help with the Senior Scholarship Committee... see Tony or Dawn for the details!!
Program: Maxx Williams and Stephanie Christenson provided an informative program on the CoderDojo Muscatine group.  Maxx and Stephanie along with about 20 other young volunteers,mostly engineers are teaching about 40 interested students about programming.  The CoderDojo Group meets at the Musser Public Library and is sponsored by HNI, Deere, the Musser Public Library and the Muscatine Schools. 
Maxx explained that Muscatine is the Dojo.  The students have access to apps and how they work for programming. Skills being learned are creativity, communication adn innovation.  All good skills preparing someone for a 21st Century Career Path.  Students are given the basic app access and then allowed to create and innovate on their own.  Session last about 2 hours with volunteers and parents providing support to the students. The programming languages or apps are SCRATCH and Hour of Code.  The leaders see a need for a Mindstorm Robot, Ball Robot and a 3D Printer in the near future.  Students age 5-17 are currently participating!!  The groups website is