Program for November 10, 2014: Blue Zone Project Update with Jodi Hansen
Invocation: Mary Odell
Rotary News: Betty Collins is a guest of Pam Collins today.  Tony told us of 50 year member Kip Fisher's passing. Kip had love and great vitality for Rotary and life.
Happy News: Ron Yohe is back from his trip, vacation which included 5 days, 7 states and 2200 miles for which he did not get to his conference or really have a vacation. David Stanley is thankful for great memories of Kip, Fried Chicken for lunch today and the Hawkeyes victory. Mike Hagerty is happy the Operation Warm Coats have been picked up... all 165 of them!!  Thank you, Mike!!  Carlin Lawhead is very proud of the Muskie FFA teams who all placed in the 10 ten in the United States!!  Go Muskies!! Janet Morrow is sharing the good news that Chris Steinbach is another year older today!! Tony Joseph is happy that the Eagles won and that the Muskies played well in their season finale.
Program: Deb Dunkhase provided an informative program on the Iowa Childrens' Museum at Coralville Mall. Annually 168,000 persons visit the museum with 20% of the attendees being given free admittance.  The last Friday of each month is free for families.  The theme of the Childrens' Museum is that Playing is Learning. The exhibits strive to make children into thinking problem solvers. 
An interesting fact is that the average 3-4 year old today has 4-6 hours of screen time daily!!
The museum is focused on 5 primary interest areas:
  • STEM
  • School Readiness (being ready for Kindergarten)
  • Healthy Kids
  • Arts and Culture
  • Financial Literacy
The museum operates off of 60% earned income and 40% contributions which support an operating budget of $1.5 million.
Explore their website to learn much more!!