Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Oct 15, 2018
Program:  Diana Broderson - Child Abuse Prevention
Invocation:  Scott Davis
Recap of the October 8, 2018 Club Meeting: 
Guests:  Jim Hayes - guest of Mary Odell.  Roger Lande - guest of Sarah Lande.  Mary Macumber-Schmidt - visiting Rotarian from Davenport.  Walter Conlon - our speaker- brought a delegation from the Ukraine. 
Happy NewsMarv Krieger was happy that both Iowa and Iowa State won their football games.  Naomi DeWinter  - MCC is hosting the Ukraine delegation at MCC tonight at 7:00.  Tomorrow MCC is hosting the China town hall meeting. Megan Francis - Sunnybrook is in need of a Wii bowling team tomorrow, if anyone is interested.  She also added that Senior Resources is in need of 2 board members. 
Club Business:  Shane Orr gave the 2nd reading for Hope Robbins. He also reminded us that we can sign up for ACH for our dues.  The Board is going to discuss the offsite October 22 meeting after today's meeting.  Reminder that the club is raising money to match the grant for the trail signage and dog park benches, as well as Imagination Library.  If anyone is interested in being on the fundraiser committee, let Shane Orr or Rick Gosney know.  Shane also recognized all our members with October birthdays and anniversaries. 
Program:  Our program was led by Walter Conlon today.  We had a delegation from the Ukraine - Roman - a business man, also 3 doctors.  Dan Clark was present as well, he is on the board for Muscatine's sister cities.  Walter commented that it is nice to travel with the sister program because you get to see how people in the other countries truly live - it is not about the tourism.  With the help of a translator, Roman gave us some history on the Ukraine and city he is from.  The Ukraine is only 27 years old.  It is learning democracy.  The Ukraine and Russia - do not have a good relationship.  The city that Roman is from has a population of 70,000 people, the town itself is 920 years old.  They are in an economic crisis now - but he is hoping the city will start to develop soon.  The city used to have salt mines.  Now it has smaller plants and businesses.  Roman's business makes feed for animals, he has stores and delivery trucks.  The funding in the Ukraine for doctors and medical facilities is minimal.  They are hoping to see that change.  They thanked the United States for helping the Ukraine grow and advance. 
Next meeting is October 15, 2018 at the Rendezvous.