Posted by Mary Wildermuth on Jan 15, 2018
Meeting will be at Muscatine Center for Social Action at 312 Iowa Avenue
Program for January 15, 2018: Muscatine Food Bank
Invocation: Jim Stein
Happy News:  Paul Fitzpatrick  provided a Rotary moment about a 3 week old Rotarian named Liam. Megan Francis invited one and all to the Sunnybrook Holiday Party. Mike Hagerty was proud of the fundraising done for the Pollinator Group at Contrary Brewery and his son the newly minted with a PH D in Physical Therapy!  Mike Ruby has completed all his 66 Rotary Club visits. Cristian Lopez is proud to be a Muscatine Rotarian and for the club sponsoring a day of bell ringing. Great role model for the community! Erika Cox tossed in $50 for being half through her presidency and for the great club support!!  Erika announced two bits of happy news:  With a big check in hand Erika noted that Rotary had an anonymous donor giving $1000 to the Salvation Army, and us beating the match with $1,660 and another donation of $1000 to polio plus!!  We have also met the goal of 1 bike for every member!!  We are the first club in the district at which 704 bikes have been purchased for $103,000. We have purchased 71 bikes and over 120 have been contributed in our name due to the company match.  Our contribution is $10,450. Erika also read a thank you from a scholarship student.
Program:  Angie Johnson, Unity Point Health Executive Director gave an update on the local health care scene. The mission of the hospital is "Every patient, every time."   Health care in America cost $10,000 per person annually. Angie noted that Health Care in America is in uncharted waters and very uncertain.  Moving from an industrialist model to address individual needs today is the biggest challenge to the nation!! Care is moving from a hospital base to a community individual need base response.  86% of local care is outpatient. The industry is very fragmented. Angie applauded the work of Dick Stanley is helping evolve the current system to meet the community's needs. Joining the Iowa Health Care System was the right thing to do.  How does Trinity deliver care? With limited resources it is imperative to partner. Trinity is partnering with MCSA and the school district to address community health care needs. We are far advanced in our work to provide better Mental Health Care. Obesity and Opiate addiction are two big areas needing change.  Care is provided now in a virtual manner and is also more preventive in nature.  Trinity is working on pay for quality not just pay for performance. Everyone should have a positive experience.  The hospital struggles with improving the perception of the hospital within the community and Angie asked for help in making that improvement.  The hospital is financially strong.