Program for August 24, 2015: Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren
Invocation: Ron Yohe
Rotary News:  Guests today of Cristian Lopez were Chris Kennedy and Rich Draeger, representatives of the Salvation Army, Marv Krieger's guest was Kevin Smith, editor of the Muscatine Journal.  New member readings for the second time were Andrew Anderson and Holly Kohler Thomas.  August is Rotary membership is important yearround to support new and old members but a special focus is in August as the new Rotary year begins!!  Rotarians were reminded of the school supply drive and the Run Boy Run Social on August 28, 2015 at Ardon Creek Winery.  We have two tents reserved!!  Mary noted that Dick Stanley has been a Rotarian for 49 years, Larry Hetzler for 31, Diana Gradert for 11, Keith Porter for 8 and Greg Jenkins for 3 this month.  Kudos to each of you!!
Happy News: Shane Orr is happy that he has moved one child to an apartment, one to college and the 13 year old is soon out the door!! Ron Yohe has been in the hospital but is a chipper as ever, and delighting in giving to others by paying it forward and buying a 60th anniversary stranger couple their dinner.  They were so happy!!  Melanie Alexander was happy that the Art Center's 50 Anniversary Celebration over the weekend was fun.
Program: Dr. Jeffrey Ohrmann provided an informative program on the statistics behind fantasy sports.  His advice was to stick with your decision once you have made it.  Football coaches are using statistics and data to determine appropriate plays on the field.  Today we have more data available to us in two days than others have had from the beginning of time until the year 2000.  We have access to much but can't know it all!!  He noted that a panel of experts making a decision is more accurate than independent raters.  In regard to the NFL draft he noted that a  process of sequential decision making helps the process.  One can evaluate how a player is going to perform and how other teams will compete.  Decision making can be more reliable today because we have access to more data!!