Program for April 27, 2015: Harmony Place Project with Cath Hahn
Invocation: John Kuhl
Rotary News: Guests were Jane Evans, Greg Mandsager, Colleen and Gary Welch, Joann Ruby, Leah Wagner and several of the parents of the 3.0 Seniors.
Program: Tony Joseph welcomed the 3.0 students, guests and Rotarians.  A video was shown that demonstrated what Rotary does in the world and hopefully enticed the students to think about the message of "Service Above Self!"  Each 3.0 student present received a certificate and bag of Muscatine memorabilia as a small recognition for their outstanding academic achievement.
 MIke McGrory, MHS Principal thanked the Rotarians on behalf of the seniors for their generosity and recognition of the seniors. Scott Ingstad on behalf of the club awarded the annual scholarships to:  Maximillia Akakpo, Ian Steenhoeck and Jessica Carlson. Shalini Raichur, Senior Class President gave a speech likening life to a Rubik's cube.  We are always shuffling the cube in life to keep learning and keep growing. She encouraged the students to take life into their own hands. MHS has provided many memories and now the next twist on the cube is here!! Enjoy your next step!!
Cath Hahn was recognized for being the Interact Contact between the club and MHS.
Gary Welch told the students that the key to happiness is in serving others. Often fear gets in the way of us doing something.  Gary encouraged the students to be in control of themselves and he assured them they were going to be AMAZING!  Set goals.  Life will give you curves but you will have to roll with that and your attitude will determine your life.  Enjoy each day!!  Help others and joy and happiness will be yours!!