Program for March 16, 2015: Pam Houser, Photos of Homeless at Muscatine Art Center
Invocation: Chris Ingstad
Rotary News: The Rotary Board will meet on Wednesday. Evening Rotary meeting is on Tuesday at Central State Bank Park Avenue Branch. Bring a friend.  The District Conference is April 17-18 at Coralville Marriott. Pam Collins, noted the article in the latest Rotarian on Public Libraries!  Bob Allbee thanked those who attended the Madrigal Dinner on Thursday evening.  He was also happy the UNI girls beat Missouri Valley.
Program: Mary Odell introduced Susan Krueger a public Health Nurse who called herself the "shot lady."  Susan gave an informative program on the necessity of immunizations throughout our lives.  Immunizations are important because they protect the individual and the community.  There are 10 routine vaccines that protect against 14 diseases.  Shots are given to babies and children prior to school and again in 7th grade.
 Susan reminded us that it is important to get an annual flu shot. It lessens the impact of the flu virus even if one gets the flu.  There are also adult shots for Shingles and Pnemonecoccal virus strains.  If you are over 65 you should get the pnemonia vaccine and if you have had chicken pox you should get a shingles shot if you are over 60.  Measles virus today is very contagious and can survive for two hours in a location of exposure.  Getting a measles shot is important if you have not had the measles.