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Membership Committee Chair:  Rob Yant

Dues and Fees
Muscatine Rotary Club dues cover various expenses, including your weekly meal, club administrative costs, international and district dues, and special project funding.  Fourth quarter dues include a special $100 assessment which is paid by the Club on your behalf to The Rotary Foundation.  Dues remain the same regardless of attendance.  The schedule for dues is:
                                                January 15, $169.00
                                                April 15, $169.00
                                                July 15, $169.00
                                                October 15, $269.00
Checks may be made to the Rotary Club Treasurer and mailed to P.O. Box 1121, Muscatine, Iowa 52761 or can be automatically deducted from your bank account.  In addition to the above, there is a one-time “new member fee” of $10 added to your first invoice.
The Membership Application Process
To become a member of Muscatine Rotary, do the following:
  1. Contact the Membership Chair, Rob Yant, 507-829-6538 or
  2. Complete the Member Application form
  3. If you have a sponsor from within the Club, have them complete the “Proposal” part of the Member Application form and submit it
  4. If you do not have a sponsor from within the Club, the Membership Chair can assist and submit the form
Once an application has been submitted:
  1. The Membership Chair notifies the Club Secretary and President of the application for review and presentation to the Club
  2. The President announces the application to Club members at three separate meetings
  3. If there are no objections, the President notifies the applicant that they are now a full-fledged member, the Club orders a badge for the member, and the Secretary enters the member’s information into the Club’s online database (Clubrunner)
  4. The new member is inducted into the Club during a brief introductory ceremony at a Club meeting
  5. The new member receives onboarding from Club officers
Onboarding is a relatively short process that involves reviewing basic information about the local Club and the larger Rotary International organization.  Club officers introduce themselves and present the information.  New members are asked to complete a simple “new member challenge” to become familiar with Rotary.  When the challenge is finished, the member’s badge is switched from red to blue.